Mobile ownership

According to the 2016 report of the ARTP, Niger has 7.7 million subscribers to mobile phone services. In addition to this relatively increasing number, the ARTP notes a mobile phone penetration rate of 36 percent and that of the Internet of 19 percent. However, this is one of the lowest rates in the sub-region, prompting the ARTP and the National Regulatory Council to try and improve it.

In June 2018, ARCEP (former ARTP) noticed that the number of subscribers had increased to 9.2 million but there is no specific data about those who are excluded by the new connectivity opportunity. It is only safe to say that people in rural areas do not have easy access to mobile phones and Internet, unlike the inhabitants of cities.

Despite the progress made in the sub-sector of mobile and Internet, with the creation of Niger Telecom (recently born of the merger of SahelCom and Sonitel) and Atlantic Telecom (Moov Niger), who now operate alongside the leaders Orange and Airtel, the sector still faces many challenges. Namely the quality of services that often leave Nigerien users unsatisfied in their increasing appetite for connection and communication.