Company profiles

As of 2012, five operators were licensed to establish and operate telecommunications networks and services:

  • Orange Niger - fixed and mobile;
  • Sonitel - incumbent fixed operator;
  • Atlantique Telecom Niger, Celtel Niger (now renamed Airtel Niger) and Sahelcom (subsidiary of Sonitel) - mobile operators.

Sonitel offers telephone lines via conventional PSTN access and also via CDMA access (in 800 MHz frequencies). As for Orange Niger, it offers fixed services through its GSM network.

According to the CNRTP, the list of dominant operators for the year 2018 is as follows: Airtel Niger (former Celtel Niger) with 46.49 percent of market share, followed by Orange Niger with 25.17 percent of market share, Niger Telecom at the third place with 16.83 percent and finally anew operator Moov Niger with 11.52 percent market share.

All the above-mentioned licensed operators and several Internet Service Providers such as Alink Telecom, Connecteo Niger, Liptinfor Niger and Ixcom Niger operate under the authorisation system. It should also be noted that there are several operators on the market providing value-added services under the reporting regime in the field of landline telephony, mobile telephony and Internet access.