Digital media

The impact of digital media, which spans through many socio-professional sectors, has pushed the Nigerien authorities to speculate on how to regulate the sector in order to avoid the effects of fake news. In this context on 17 September, 2017, a workshop was set up to reflect and brainstorm on the legal framework of digital media. The Superior Council of Communication has elaborated a preliminary draft law, transmitted to the Ministry of Communication which is the authority in charge of the legal framework of journalism and communication in the country. The reflections have laid the groundwork for the adoption of a code of ethics and regulation of online press, in order to secure and develop this vital sector.

The sector is growing since the beginning of the year 2000. As of 2019, online media such as IciNiger, Actuniger, Nigerinter and Niger Dépêches offer information, breaking news and updates about what is happening in the country and abroad. Nigerdiaspora and Tamtaminfo, located in France and the USA, publish online news and also print content to satisfy the Nigerien diaspora. These outlets set up relationships with various print media in order to receive a copy each time a newspaper is published.