Mobile coverage

SOTELMA/ Malitel and Orange Mali are accessible throughout the country, while Atel only in the capital. Despite the strong growth of the mobile network, the total coverage is not effective and there are still areas of the country where people need to move to receive the signal. In addition to this, disturbances and interferences are very frequent.

To overcome this digital divide, the Malian government has launched a Universal Access Fund managed by the Agence de Gestion du Fonds d'Accès Universel (Universal Access Fund Management Agency - AGEFAU). Created by Law No 006 of 2017 (which ratified Ordinance No 001 of 2016), AGEFAU is financed by contribution funds of telecommunication operators to allow access to telecommunication services for the largest number of Malians. Its mission is to promote the services and grant universal access to telecommunications and new technologies. Thanks to this agency, seventy universal access centres have been created across the country, including rural areas, allowing the population to avail of communication and information technologies.