Professional development

In order to provide more opportunities for professionalisation, the Ecole Supérieure de Journalisme et des Sciences de la Communication (School of Journalism and Communication Sciences - ESJSC) was created by Law No 009 of 5 March, 2015. The ESJSC has been in operation since January 2018 and has 25 students, including (6 girls and 19 boys). Its mission is to provide initial and in-service training in journalism and communication sciences, and to work in the audiovisual production of all communication and information content. The course lasts six semesters, of which the first three are dedicated to common topics and the last three are dedicated to the specialisation of the students. The training at ESJSC leads to 4 sectors: Print, Radio, Television and Journalism. Classes are taught by prominent journalists from the national press and university professors. These include Diomassi Bomboté (former professor at CESTI), Souleymane Drabo (former director general of AMAP), Fousseyni Samaké (former director general of ENA) and Nangougou Sanou (professor of law at USJPB). The ESJC also offers advanced courses and diploma courses to journalists who already work in media outlets but who do not have the necessary qualifications for the good practice of journalism.