Regulatory authorities

The Superior Council of Communication (High Council for Communication - CSC) was the main regulator of media in Mali. It was replaced by the Haute Autorité de la Communication (High Communication Authority - HAC), created by Law No 18 of 2015, with the mission to establish more professionalism and more responsibility in the sector of the press and in communication through the regulation of audiovisual, radio, print and online press. As part of the implementation of its regulatory mission, the HAC has a Media Monitoring and Control Centre.

Another regulatory authority is the Comité National de l’Égal Accès Aux Média d'Etat du Mali (National Committee of Equal Access to State Media - CNEAME) established by the Organic Law No 1 of 1993. CNEAME guarantees equal access to state media for all, under the conditions set by the laws and regulations in force. It manages the air time and the editorial space dedicated to candidates and political parties during election campaigns.

Finally, the Observatoire pour la Déontologie et l’Éthique de la Presse (Observatory of Ethics and Press Ethics - ODEP) is a body of self-regulation created in 2001 by journalists. Its impact on media regulation remains very limited because of the lack of self-regulation in Malian media and because initiatives on this subject are unlikely to have any real support from the owners of print outlets.