Opinion makers

Social and cultural activists defending the interests of specific communities or denominations, whose voices have no political consideration, have created a framework for consultation, dialogue and information through various media, mainly radios, Facebook pages, blogs and YouTube channels and even using traditional forms of communication, especially face-to-face. Two organisations have gained great influence on political decisions: the Collective for the Defence of the Republic (CDR) by chronicler Rasta Bath, which investigates the country’s hot topics and top secrets through radio broadcasts, and The Citizen Revival by Yelimady Konaté, which brings the youth around topics of civic relevance also through radio.

Moreover, Bouba Fané, the promoter of Mali Evenement, the blogger Amara Bathily and the programme Thierno Décrypt on Ouverture media (OM) debate sensitive issues on YouTube and Facebook. Bouba Fané has served some jail time for apology of terrorism for threatening to carry a terrorist attack, similar to that against a mosque in New Zealand, upon the followers of Imam Mahamadou Dicko, at the time President of the Haut Conseil Islamic du Mali (High Islamic Council of Mali).

At a community level, Ginna Dogon, Tabital Pulaaku and Ir Ganda are very influential organisations involved in national decision-making. The association Ansar Dine of Ousmane Chérif Madani Haidara, who is the new President of the High Islamic Council, coordinates with the authorities on matters of national interest. Under the presidency of Mahamoudou Dicko (2009 - 2019) the council became the largest organisation capable of openly opposing the government and influencing public decisions. For example, in January 2019, it vetoed the elaboration of a textbook on comprehensive sexual education that was automatically withdrawn by the government and on 5 April, 2019 it organised a march demanding the dismissal of the Head of Government.