Media development organisations

Many international organisations work on the development of media in Mali and provide assistance in cooperation with the Ministry of Communication and Digital Economy, the Maison de la Presse (House of Press) and the Union des Radiodiffusions et Télévisions Libres du Mali (Union of Free Radio and Televisions - URTEL). The nature of this assistance varies from one organisation to another, but it is generally related to providing equipment, training personnel, monitoring and financing activities and the assumption of certain expenses.

Among these media development organisations, the most notable are:

  • the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), intervening in the promotion of freedom of the press and in defence of the right of journalists to report without fear;
  • the International Media Support (IMS), helping local media to build their capacity to reduce conflict, promote democracy, facilitate dialogue;
  • the International Crisis Group, which is engaged in research and information sharing and in encouraging intelligent actions for peace;
  • the Mixed Migration Centre, which is the main source of local media information on migration;
  • the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Foundation (FES), whose work contributes to the strengthening of a socially just, stable and sustainable democracy in Mali through the publication of studies and the organisation of seminars, workshops and conferences, as well as exchanges of ideas and experiences, that contribute to capacity building;
  • the Fondation Hirondelle, which supports the creation of independent news media in crisis zones, in partnership with URTEL. Since August 2013, the foundation through Studio Tamani offers radio programmes in 5 languages (French, Bambara, Fulani, Tamasheq, Sonrhai). These programmes are broadcast daily for three hours by a network of more than 70 radio partners across Mali.

The contribution of these organisations is considerable. Thanks to them, many media have been provided with last-generation equipment, allowing them to extend their coverage, and have benefited from training, making them more professional in their methodologic approaches to research and treatment of information as well as animation techniques. Some organisations also contribute to the budget of many media.