Digital media

In December 2020, there were 12.4 million Internet users in Mali, with a national penetration rate of 61.60 percent. Digital media are used more in Bamako than in regional capitals and rural areas, where Internet penetration rates are lower. Digital media are used mainly by the educated elite and especially by young men.

Online information comes mostly from digital versions of newspapers, blogs, Facebook pages, YouTube, WhatsApp channels and online news sites such as, and However, digital media are still not a trusted source of information, mainly because of the partisanship of some outlets, which are often used for political, personal and religious propaganda and diatribes.

Job promotion sites are exempt from this logic and publish reliable information. The most visited are Malipages, Agence Nationale Pour l'Emploi (National Employment Agency - ANPE) ESSOR and Malibaara.