Journalists associations

There are more than 50 associations and professional media networks which are supposed to act and protect the interests of their members. The most relevant are:

  • Union Nationale des Journalistes du Mali (National Union of Journalists of Mali - UNAJOM). The first association created in Mali, which is also a member of the West African Journalists Association (WAJA);
  • Association des Journalistes pour la Promotion du Professionnalisme (Association of Journalists for the Promotion of Professionalism - AJPP);
  • Association des Professionnelles Africaines de la Communication du Mali (Association of African Communication Professionals of Mali - APAC/Mali);
  • Union Internationale de la Presse Francophone/Mali (International Union of Francophone Press - UIPF/Mali);
  • Association des Journalistes Sportifs du Mali (Association of Sports Journalists of Mali - AJSM);
  • Organisation des Jeunes Reporters du Mali (Organisation of Young Reporters of Mali - OJRM).

Press owners associations:

  • Association des Editeurs de Presse Privée (Association of Publishers of the Private Press - ASSEP);
  • Association des Professionnels de la Presse en Ligne (Association of Online Press Professionals - APPEL Mali);
  • Union des Radiodiffusions et Télévisions Libres du Mali (Union of Free Radio and Television of Mali - URTEL).

These associations and networks are grouped together by the Maison de la Presse (House of Press) an organisation whose main mission is to strengthen the information sector and to improve the level of media professionalism through training and the development of various actors in the media sector.

There are several local associations and NGOs that play a managerial role for the freedom of expression and the independence of media. The main organisations are: the Institute for Democracy, Media and Cultural Exchange (IDEM), the International League for Human Rights (ILHR), the Association Malienne des Droits de l'Homme (Malian Association for Human Rights - AMDH) and the Observatoire des Droits Humains et de la Paix (Observatory of Human Rights and Peace - ODHP).