News agencies

The Agence de Presse du Mali (Malian Press Agency - AMAP) is the only agency that redistributes national news to local media and provides them with national news. Created by Law 036 of 24 December, 1992 to replace the Agence Nationale de l‘Information du Mali (National Agency of Information of Mali - ANIM), AMAP is the only agency that redistributes information to local media and provides them with national information. It is a public institution with administrative functions whose mission is to ensure the publication of public press titles in French and national languages and the dissemination of all information likely to interest Malian citizens; it also publishes books and searches, disseminates and distributes national information in the country and abroad, at a cost. AMAP is also in charge of implementing legislation on advertising in the Republic of Mali and to realise or facilitate the reaching of objects or advertising works; it ensures the control of state media to any third parties that request it and participates in the establishment of all entities allowing the development of advertising in Mali. The agency also owns the daily Essor, issuing between 8,000 to 10,000 copies per day, and three community-press monthly titles: Kibaru in Bamanankan (6,000 copies), Kibaru in Peulh (2,000 copies) and Xibaaru in Soninke (2,000 copies).