News agencies

One of the oldest news agencies in the country is Notimex, the official news service state agency created in 1968 for the Mexico City Olympic Games. It is a decentralised public agency with technical and managerial autonomy that services not only local and regional media on a vast range of thematic issues, but also countries across Latin America. With a vast network of correspondents around the world, it is one of the biggest news agencies to serve Latin American countries with a regional focus. For its strategic location, Mexico is also host to the regional headquarters of international news agencies like EFE, AFP, AP or Reuters, or financial news agency Bloomberg. However, budget cuts during the López Obrador administration, alleged corruption in the union, and an open and hostile antagonism between the head of the agency and many agency workers, as well as a general strike have severely undermined the agency’s expected public-service aims. Still, it has always been criticized for preforming propagandist functions on behalf of the ruling government at the federal level.

Likewise, Mexico is a popular country for news agencies and their regional hubs. International wire services with presence in Mexico City include Associated Press, Reuters, AFP, EFE, Xinhua, ANSA, and others.

Legacy newspapers also offer agency services, such as El Universal and Reforma, both located in Mexico City, the latter being considered the most important. Other news agencies are less visible and mainly cater to specialised subscribers. Amongst them we can find Communication and Information about Woman (CIMAC), a civil organisation aimed at producing and disseminating information with a gender perspective. The Mexican Agency of Sports News (Pressports) is also active in the country. Infosel is also a financial news agency that offers a platform of technological services and procedures. Weekly magazine Proceso also offers wire services through its agency Apro and other regional news agencies, such as Agencia Fronteriza de Noticias offers border States news to subscribers.

For photographic services, one of the most esteemed local news agencies is Cuartoscuro, which provides imagery with a social angle and specializes in the coverage of social affairs. The agency also offers training and mentoring about photojournalism and technical tools.