Audience measurement organisations

In Mexico, international firms have a greater stake in audience measurements. Leaders on audience research are Nielsen IBOPE, HR Ratings, GfK, Kantar Media and ComScore. They conduct audience measurement for television, radio, printed press and digital media. One of the local firms is INRA, a 65-year old Mexican company that leads audience research and ratings for radio and TV stations across the country.

The Secretariat of the Interior assembles the National Registry of Printed Media that lists the existing publications in each national state, including newspapers, weeklies, magazines, and so on. Although this office does not measure audience research or certifies readership, it publicises the recorded circulation of each existing news outlet in the registry. It is one of the very few sources to offer a list of publications and their circulations in the country, but the circulation figures are known to be unreliable, as newspapers tend to be non-transparent about their readership so they can attract more advertisers. Also, as a public entity, the Federal Institute of Telecommunications is in charge of supervising the use and offer of broadcasting and telecommunications services in Mexico and publishes regular reports on media consumption.