Profiles of main tech parks, accelerators, hackathons

The biggest project of the last two federal governments, has been the development of the Creative Digital City in Guadalajara. This project has been defined as “a modern and interconnected stage where talent and creativity breed knowledge, boost the use of new technology and improve the quality of life in the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area”, moreover, the Creative Digital City “concentrates creative industries such as studios involved in the production of film, television, video games, CGI, interactive media and mobile apps, among many others, thus positioning the state as a productive centre that is relevant to a sector that constitutes the vanguard of global economy today.” However, this project has not been successful due to problems of political corruption. Creative Digital City has received public funding and, after several years of development, it has shown minimal results. To our best knowledge, there are no innovation and tech projects related to journalism and information in the Creative Digital City.