Social networks

According to the 2018 Digital Media News Report, Mexico's Internet penetration is around 65 percent, and the Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Geografía (National Institute of Statistics and Geography) reported that, of the people who have access to Internet services, 76 percent reported to use social media platforms. The 2018 Media and Devices Usage Report by Millward Brown and Televisa, shows that generally 93 percent of Mexican Internet users use Facebook, 79 percent YouTube, 42 percent Google+, and 40 percent Twitter. A similar study with similar results, the Study on the Habits of Internet Users in Mexico (2018), points out that 95 percent use Facebook, 93 percent WhatsApp, 72 percent YouTube and 66 percent Twitter. It is important to emphasise that these percentages are concerning Internet users, not the Mexican population.

Regarding the use of social media for consuming news, the 2018 Digital Media News Report also offers valuable information. Up to 90 percent of the users reported getting information from online sources and, specifically, 71 percent from social media and 13 percent from blogs. 59 percent of these users expressed to have shared news via social media or email and 41 percent commented on news via social media or website. Finally, we know that 61 percent of Internet users said that they used Facebook for fetching news, 37 percent YouTube, 35 percent WhatsApp, 23 percent Twitter, 15 percent Facebook Messenger and 8 percent Instagram.