Digital media

As in other media markets around the globe, the advent of the Internet promised to diversify and democratise the media system in Mexico. However, things turned out to be different after almost two decades that the Internet started to be a place for media development. The Reuters Institute's 2018 Digital Media News Report contains a particular chapter that describes the Mexican digital media landscape. The results of the survey show that the top online media brands are part of legacy newspapers (eg, El Universal online, Reforma online, El Financiero online), national TV and radio holdings (eg, TV Azteca news online, Televisa news online, Imagen news online), and global media companies (eg,, Yahoo! News).

In this ranking, there are only three native digital media: 1) Aristegui Online, which is run by the well-known journalist Carmen Aristegui; 2) Animal Político, which is one of the leading producers of investigative journalism not only in the online media landscape but in the whole Mexican media system; and 3) UNO TV, which is an online television channel owned by the telecommunications billionaire Carlos Slim. If we only focus on native, digital media, the newspaper El Economista and the company ComScore, created a ranking of the most visited online digital news outlets. In this study, the most visited news site from smartphones is UNO TV, followed by SDP Noticias, Mediotiempo, Animal Político, La Neta Noticias, El Deforma, Aristegui Noticias, Nación 321, and so forth.