Opinion makers

After performing documentary research in academic journals, media, and on Internet in general, we found no rigorous scholarly studies, journalistic stories or rankings that describe and measure the influence of blogs, websites, YouTube channels on the Mexican public opinion. Many bloggers and YouTubers work as influencers, but they operate in the entertainment and advertising areas and very few hold an influence on the national conversation and journalistic agendas.

Among these political influencers, some characters deal with political issues—although, most of the time, their analyses tend to be light and banal. Two cases epitomise this kind of influencers. Chumel Torres created the YouTube channel, El pulso de la República (The Republic's Pulse), where he discusses topics related to national politics; he has 2.5 million subscribers, and in recent years he began a collaboration with HBO. Callo de Hacha began his career on Twitter, where he started to discuss national politics and other issues. Then he jumped to other media platforms, such as radio, where he used to conduct the shows Tenemos callo y La maldita hora.