Regulatory authorities

The Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies, also known as MinTic, is responsible for adopting, promoting and designing plans, projects and programmes in the Information and Communication Technologies sector. The most important function of MinTic is to increase and facilitate the access of all Colombians to ICTs and all that they can offer them.

The Communications Regulation Commission is a special administrative unit that does not belong to the MinTic. It is responsible for promoting competition, avoiding the abuse of a dominant position and regulating networks and communications services so that services are rendered in an economically efficient and quality manner.

The National Television Authority has the objective to ensure access to television, guarantee information pluralism and the competence and efficiency of this service through the execution of plans and programmes. It also serves as a mediator between users and public opinion, watching the interests of viewers.

The National Spectrum Agency realises the planning, attribution, surveillance and control of the radioelectric spectrum in Colombia. In addition, it provides technical advice for the management and knowledge of it and technical support to MinTic.