Journalists associations

The Círculo de Periodistas de Bogotá (Circle of Journalists of Bogotá - CPB) was created on 11 February, 1945 to "maintain as a fundamental canon the free expression of thought, and defend by all media the constitutional and legal norms that guarantee freedom of the press." Nowadays, the organisation proposes the professional improvement of journalists through seminars, conferences and other events.

The Consejo de Redacción (Editorial Board) is a journalists association that began in 2006 with the aim of promoting investigative journalism in Colombia so to contribute to the democratisation of information. It develops collaborative processes that integrate training and production of quality content inside and outside the country and supports journalistic entrepreneurship. It currently has 120 members in 20 departments of the country.

The Colegio Nacional de Periodistas (National Association of Journalists) is a union of independent journalists founded in Bogotá in 1957 to defend and dignify the profession. Among its founders were Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Luis Jurado (Pepon, a recognised caricaturist) and Fidel Cano (publisher of El Espectador) among others. Currently, it has branch offices in 22 departments of the country.

The Fundación Nuevo Periodismo Iberoamericano (Foundation for New Iberoamerican Journalism - FNPI) is a non-profit organisation created by Gabriel García Márquez in 1995 aimed at working for the excellence of journalism and its contribution to the processes of democracy and development in Ibero-American countries and of the Caribbean, through workshops and seminars on training and exchange between journalists, collaboration between networks and stimuli for professional development.

Established in 1995, the Círculo de Periodistas de Cali (Circle of Journalists of Cali - CPC) seeks to protect journalists’ integrity, defend the free exercise of the profession, train members in different topics, guarantee wellness spaces for journalists and their families and many other objectives.

The Círculo de periodistas y Comunicadores Sociales de Antioquia (Circle of Journalists and Social Communicators of Antioquia - CIPA) was created in 1962 in the offices of El Tiempo Medellín and attended by more than 30 journalists. Its mission is focused on the strengthening of guild relations, the protection of freedom of expression, and activities that allow the organisation to strengthen and position itself as an institution in the community.