Accountability systems

In Colombia there is no special committee or council where the public can appeal if it considers that the journalistic standards have been violated. The majority of media are governed by their own code of ethics, which usually establishes sanctions according to different faults.

The figure of the reader's advocate or defender of the viewer has been a practice implemented by some media. For example, newspaper El Tiempo and others had this figure for several years and it was very positive to reflect on the ethical exercise of journalism by the specific media. Although it was a very positive exercise, the media were not obliged to have this figure and eventually disappeared.

However, Law 182 of 1995 established the figure of defender of the viewer for all television channels. Although this is a very positive practice, it is still worrisome that such a figure has no sanctioning faculty. Its role is more of an educational nature and is intended to guide the audience and in some cases develop critical views.

Meanwhile, the ANTV has certain sanctioning faculties, but its scope is limited to warning of the existence of inappropriate content depending on the time zone established in the daily schedule.