Media development organisations

The most renowned media development organisations in Colombia are:

  • Foundation for Freedom of the Press (FLIP) which investigates the conditions of journalism in Colombia and advances actions to promote the guarantees of trade in the country. It seeks the defense of the right to information, freedom of the press, human dignity and the free work of journalists. In addition, it carries out self-protection workshops for journalists in the regions most affected by violence.
  • The Drafting Council which is a non-profit association for investigative journalism in the country. It currently has 120 associates in 20 departments and also supports journalistic ventures. It has developed risk-analysis processes for when journalists travel to risk areas in the country.
  • The Colombian Federation of Journalists (FELCOLPER) which is defined as an organisation with a social base, and includes 29 associations of journalists and more than 1,200 members. It promotes best practices of free journalism and monitors any violation of freedom of the press, in addition to fighting for better working conditions. It is a subsidiary of the International Federation of Journalists.
  • The international organisation Reporters Without Borders, watching over the safety of journalists who are in risk areas where freedom of the press can be attacked.
  • The Committee to Protect Journalists CPJ-Colombia which is an international non-profit organisation for the protection of journalists, that fights for freedom of the press. It has one of its headquarters in Bogotá.