Mobile coverage

Mobile network coverage with 3G services is granted in all the country since 2011. Only the Adennet company, operating in the South, is able to provide a 4G Internet in Yemen.

Yemen is a dangerous market for company personnel as well as destructive for infrastructure, such as mobile towers, which are often deliberately targeted. In this situation, just supplying basic telecommunications services to the community becomes extremely challenging. It is difficult to perform maintenance to infrastructure in areas of open conflict as staff safety cannot be guaranteed. Aid organisations, including those providing maintenance to telecommunications services, also face challenges moving about Yemen due to security issues.

One of such aid organisations, the Emergency Telecommunication Cluster (ETC), has been operating in Yemen for a few years and is providing security telecommunications services and basic Internet and power charging stations in various areas of the country. ETC utilises a mix of technologies and particularly relies on satellite for some of the more difficult areas.

Satellite and radio communications have become crucial technologies to supply services in Yemen as in the rural and remote areas there is a scarcity of telecommunications equipment, infrastructure and service providers such as ISPs. Given the current political, economic and security situation, an improvement in services and infrastructures appears unlikely in the short to medium term.