News agencies

Saba News Agency is the government’s official news agency. It is the main source of news for state-run radio and television and for many pro-government newspapers. Saba has nine branch offices in the following provincial cities: Al-Ghaydah, Taiz, Sayun, Lahj, Zinjibar, Aden, Ataq, Al-Hodeida and Al-Mukalla. Saba also publishes its own daily newspaper in Sana'a called Al-Siyasiyah (The Political). The news agency was established in 1970. Following the unification with South Yemen 1990 it merged with the Aden-based Aden News Agency. Saba focuses on official announcements by the government. It also runs stories that reflect the government's opinion. Its website publishes news in Arabic, English and French. Saba also provides a photo service.