Universities and schools

Mass Communication Training and Qualifying Institute (MCTQI) is a government-run centre based in Sana’a and is considered the only Yemeni institution that provides regular professional journalism training. It mostly uses foreign trainers, both from the Arab World and further afield. Until the beginning of the war, MCTQI offered courses in news editing and radio and TV production.

The universities of Sana'a’a and Aden offer courses in mass communication and media studies but are classroom-based and theoretical and rather fae from the practice of modern journalism.

So, 90 percent of the accesses to professionalism in the country are still artisanal and happen through daily work on the ground. The lack of basic skills among editors and journalists is becoming ever more pronounced. Although the media has played an important role in furthering and amplifying the calls for political change after 2011, the conflict has had a negative impact on the tone and independence of the media. Reporting is often emotional and lacks of journalistic objectivity.