The Yemeni media landscape is now at a breaking point. Undermined by a violent fight which reflects the positions of the parties who are struggling to retake or maintain the power in the country, media are reflecting one of the strongest propaganda services ever happened in Yemen. “With us or against us” is the current motto for media and journalists in the country, serving opposite political agendas. Actually there’s no way in Yemen for local journalists to work in investigative topics, except some good examples supported by the network of , the Association of Arab Investigative Journalists (ARIJ), based in Amman (Jordan), which counts some Yemeni members. Instead of being arrested, tortured or detained, Yemeni journalists are choosing the way of self-censorship. “Our mouths are gagged so yours are the alternative,” said a journalist who was forced to find a job outside the media after his outlet was raided by the Houthis and wanted to talk anonymously with CPJ. He launched a message to the international community.