News agencies

The main news agency in Indonesia is Antara, which is owned by the government. This news agency was founded by young patriots and its birth was inseparable from the spirit to gain freedom for Indonesia. Antara was officially changed in 1962 into Lembaga Kantor Berita National (National News Agency Institute), directly under the control of the President of the Republic of Indonesia. In 2007, it further changed into Perusahaan Umum Lembaga Kantor Berita National Antara (General Company of National News Agency Institute - Perum LKBN Antara), which was under the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises. This news agency has a communication network that covers many remote areas in Indonesia and in the world. There are correspondents in every province and representatives in several municipalities/regencies. In order to be able to provide foreign news with a national perception, the agency has agents/representatives in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Beijing (China) and London (England). The former Antara also builds cooperation, either commercial or non-commercial, with the news agencies all over the world. Hundreds of foreign news pieces originated from these work partnerships and in average, 750 news resulted from the coverage of former Antara journalists are broadcasted every day through the latest communication technologies such as VSAT and DVB, and also many kinds of Internet-based technologies such as websites, email and ftp (file transfer protocol). In addition to serve news and pictures, the agency also offers services of data and information on money market and shares, dissemination of press releases (PRWire) and journalism education.