Social networks

Indonesia has the biggest growth of Internet users in the world. According to a study conducted by Asosiasi Penyedia Jasa Internet Indonesia (Indonesian Internet Service Provider Association - APJII), in 2017, the Internet users reached 142 million people with a penetration of 54.69 percent of the total of population. This number is large, considering that in 1998 the number of Internet users was only 500,000 people. Other data from (January 2018) revealed that Internet users reached 132.7 million with a penetration of around 51 percent of the population. The large number of Internet access influences the way people consume news. According to the survey of APJII, news access is one of the most popular activities for Internet users in Indonesia besides using social media.  

Indonesia is also one of the countries with the largest number of social media users in the world. According to data from (January 2018), the total number of social media users amounts to 130 million, with a penetration of half the population. When comparing the number of Internet users with social media users, it is evident that about 97.9 percent of Internet users use social networks and as many as 120 million users access social media via mobile devices. The average length of time spent on social media from various devices reaches 3 hours and 23 minutes per person per day.  

The data from also shows that YouTube occupies the first position as the most accessed social media. As many as 43 percent of Internet users access Youtube. Following are Facebook (41 percent), WhatsApp (40 percent), Instagram (38 percent) and Line (33 percent).