Opinion makers

Besides online media, recently, citizen journalism is also growing. Such medium gives opportunity to the readers to do coverage or to produce a writing. In the beginning, this citizen journalism was created by the online media, for examples: Kompasiana (created by Kompas.com), Indonesiana (created by Tempo.co), Pasang Mata (created by Detik.com) and Ruang Publik (created by Okezone.com). There are also examples of citizen journalism not coming from online media, such as: Geotimes, Plimbi, Qureta, and many more. Through citizen journalism, audiences can voice their own opinions through Internet.  

The Internet presence also creates new opinion makers. Politicians and public officials, generally have social media accounts. Through social media they comment on public issues and their posts often generate public discussions. Politicians with the largest number of followers are @jokowi (10.2 million followers), @SBYudhoyoo (9.93 million followers) and @prabowo (3.16 million followers).

Interestingly, in addition to official accounts made by politicians, public officials or community leaders, many social media accounts are of anonymous nature and yet become public opinion trend setters. For issues related to artists or the celebrity world, two popular Instagram accounts are @lambe_turah (more than 5 million followers) and @lambenyinyir (1 million followers). For information on the political world, two popular Facebook accounts are @Katakita (878,000 followers) and @Maklambeturah (753,000 followers). Twitter accounts mostly active on political issues are @kurawa (313,000 followers) and @partisocmed (137,000 followers). Posts from these social media accounts are often discussed not only by Internet users but also by media and public officials.