Trade unions

Historically, trade unions have had a strong presence in Honduras, campaigning for decent wages, the improvement of working conditions, social benefits and other labour rights. Trade unions are a recognised figure in the Constitution of the Republic, giving workers the right to organise and the possibility to achieve better living conditions. However, despite being regulated, this instrument of organisation of workers is not part of common practices within the media in Honduras.

To date, the only organisation close to being considered as a union is the Sindicato Independiente de Profesionales del Periodismo de Honduras (Independent Syndicate of Journalism Professionals od Honduras - SIPROPH), an institution for "the study, improvement and defense of the interests of the affiliates and whose main objective is to unify the professional workers of Journalism, as a means of protection and respect of their rights and in favor of making possible the professional realisation, dignifying the freedom of the press.” SIPROPH is affiliated with the Federación Nacional de Trabajadores de Honduras (National Federation of Workers of Honduras - FENATRAH, attached to the CGT).