Audience measurement organisations

The Asociación de Agencias Publicitarias de Honduras (Association of Advertising Agencies of Honduras - AAPH), is the organisation that takes charge of audience measurement. However, the OPSA group, which owns the newspapers La Prensa and El Heraldo, the GOTV channel and the regional financial magazine Estrategia y Negocios, maintains a strategic alliance with Navigg, an audience measurement company specialising in Latin America.

The Centro de Estudio para la Democracia (Study Center for Democracy - CESPAD) and the Reflection and Communication Team (ERIC) of the Jesus Company (Jesuits) stand out for their studies on electoral behavior. Each year they publish studies and trends of democracy in Honduras, its social reality and political behaviours.

Honduran newspapers stopped publishing the number of copies circulating daily on their covers, complicating the task to assess their level of penetration and engagement. The competition with the new communication technologies has brought them to conceal this number, which instead is well evident on several digital newspapers.