Landscape analysis

Innovation is a pending issue in Honduras. The current efforts are aimed at strengthening the creative capacity of a new generation that was born in a new era, where technology and resources are concentrated. However, educational organisations such as private universities and financial initiatives have promoted technological inclusion. More than 400 innovation projects have been carried out in the country, mainly to promote tourism, energy and communication technologies.

Meanwhile, the innovation tables of Honduras have been formed, which according to the Asociación Industriales de Honduras (Association of Industrialists of Honduras - ANDI) are platforms for interaction, cooperation and coordination between the public, private and academic sectors of Honduras and they are integrated by officials, as well as by specialists interested and related to the topic of innovation." In spite of everything, innovation is present in the media, the creation of the apps and the podcasts, in the media is a reality, in the search for new audiences. Smart governments, smart cities, are projects that are about to be carried out in search of digital inclusion.