Opinion makers

The phenomenon of online presence, is slowly gaining ground in Honduras, along with the expansion of ICTs. Bloggers, influencers and opinion makers can be considered part of a Honduran social resistance and several main columnists stopped writing on newspapers and migrated to the more popular social networks and blogs, shortly gaining traction amongst Hondurans. At the same time, a new generation of content producers emerged, using platforms such as Blogger, which, due to their ease of editing, free and easy to use employment, provide content to a channel that promises to be a space for debate and plurality.

It should be noted that political figures, media and entertainment personalities are also on the list, according to El Heraldo newspaper reports. Among the 10 most followed personalities are Carmen Boquín (sports commentator), Salvador Nasralla (former presidential candidate), Elsa Oseguera (journalist), Loren Mercadal (youth presenter), Jean Paul Irías (host of the morning show Las Mañanas del Cinco), Mari Bardají, Paola Mazariegos, Rosyl Mejia, Jorge Calix (Member of Parliament), Father Ismael Moreno, Henry Mejía.

The audience of Honduran bloggers is in the young population aged 16 to 27 years, and the amount of reactions and comments varies between 2,000 and 2m shares in networks, such as Henry Mejia who has become an online sensation under the pseudonym of JCA La Voz Sentimental.

Blogs in Honduras mostly speak of the country (tourism, geography, natural beauties, for a total of 13), followed by Honduran literature and culture (13), political and social resistance (10), local or regional blogs (6), academic blogs from the main universities (6), news blogs (5), religious blogs (5), celebrities (4), personal (3), technology (3), sports (3). There is no official data available on the average number of visits per blog.