The final report of the Hearing Study conducted by USAID indicated that in rural areas, churches and community assemblies are the most reliable means for obtaining information; in second place are television, radio, national newspapers and institutions in general; in the less reliable range they locate local and regional newspapers.

Guatemala is an eminently religious country. The Evangelical Alliance estimates that in the country there are more than 40 thousand evangelical churches, this means a proportion of 96 evangelical churches for each Catholic one. Evangelical churches are present in communities where there is not even a police station or a local delegation of the health system.

Churches play an important role for the public opinion. Contrary to all journalists and opinion generators, one of the Guatemalans with the most followers is Pastor Cash Luna, mentioned in Opinion Makers, who also has 6.05 million followers on Twitter. Only the singer Ricardo Arjona surpasses him with 17.8 millions followers, which makes his the most influential fanpage in the country. It is important to point out that after taking office, all presidents have attended religious ceremonies with Cash Luna to appear before this community and obtain the approval of his religious followers.