Journalists associations

Integration into associations is optional for Guatemalan journalists. There are three main guilds that group them, but only the Instituto de Protección Social del Periodista (Journalist's Social Protection Institute - IPSP) guarantees a benefit for their retirement. To join this institute, it is necessary to practice the profession for at least five years and to contribute a monthly fee proportional to the salary. These organisations play an important role when the different communication channels are threatened or one of its members is victim of an attack.

The Cámara Guatemalteca de Periodismo (Guatemalan Chamber of Media - CGP) is presented as an advocate of freedom of expression. In May 2018, it unified representatives of different media to request the Constitutional Court to declare illegal the article of the Electoral Law of Political Parties which prevents these groups from interacting directly with the media during the 2019 elections.

The Asociación De Periodistas De Guatemala (Association of Guatemalan Journalists - APG) is another association active in the country. It publishes press releases in defense of journalists who have been attacked phisical or legally.