News agencies

As of 2019 in Guatemala there are no agencies focused on the dissemination of news. In 2010, the government inaugurated the Agencia Guatemalteca de Noticias (News Agency of Guatemala - AGN) to "offer public information immediately and directly”, which, however, does not function as a real agency and its news focuses only on highlighting the positive achievements of the government.

In 1983, in the middle of the armed conflict, the news agency CERIGUA was created to "break the information barrier" that prevented journalists from doing their work freely. It came to be one of references to report the army crimes and abuses committed in the region. Currently, it focuses on guaranteeing the rights of journalists and denouncing abuses against free expression.

Guatemala continues to be an important spot in the region, for this reason news agencies such as EFE, AP, AFP, Bloomer, Radio France International and Reuters have correspondents in the country.