Opinion makers

Guatemalan opinion makers exert their influence from varoius digital platforms and not necessarily from personal websites or blogs. The only exception is Cash Luna, evangelical pastor leader of the church Casa de Dios (Home of God), owner of the second fan page with more followers in Guatemala according to the list prepared by Socialbakers. In this top 100 there is no other opinion maker.

There is no official data to allow making a list of the top 10 opinion makers. Regardless of its location in the political spectrum, José Rubén Zamora, president of elPeriódico, may be mentioned among the most influential; Pedro Trujillo, Juan Luis Font and Claudia Méndez Arriaza, hosts on a radio program. These opinion makers are specialised in corruption complaints and journalistic analysis.

There are other columnists such as Carlonia Escobar Sarti or Marcela Gereda, who focus mainly in social complaints. Regarding political analysis, Edgar Gutierrez can be named, or Philip Chicola, the latter specialised in analysis from a business point of view for his connection to the sector.

According to the Socialbakers portal, in the top 10 of Twitter users with the most followers in Guatemala, there are 7 media accounts, whichmakes Twitter a platform mainly used for gathering information. Although this platform is only used by 7 percent of the population, it is a tool for opinion generators to present their ideas, discuss them and then replicate them on their print and digital platforms.