Landscape analysis

During the last five years, the Global Innovation Index (GII) has positioned Guatemala as one of the least innovative countries in Latin America. In 2013, the country was ranked number 87 out of 127 economies studied, falling to 98th place in 2017. The study analysed the knowledge of technology, number of patents created, expenses on computer software, export of technology, among others. Another report presented by the World Economic Forum indicates that one of the factors that affect the competitiveness of Guatemala is the limitation to Internet services through broadband.

In 2017, the government launched the Sistema Nacional de Innovación de Guatemala (National Innovation System of Guatemala) with the aim of coordinating the implementation of innovation projects to influence the country's productivity. Since its creation, no other news has been recorded that refers to any achievement of this system. The Programa Nacional de Competitividad (National Competitiveness Program - PRONACOM) of the Ministry of Economy has a plan to support youth entrepreneurship, although these tutorials do not specialise in technology.