News agencies

South Sudan has more than 50 registered news agencies operated by South Sudanese journalists who work intermittently. Due to fear of censorship and shutdowns, many news agencies provide limited coverage and self-censored reporting. Other South Sudanese media agencies run social media pages which are usually not updated for weeks or even months.

The South Sudan News Agency (SSNA) maintains regular reporting pushed by a diaspora group in the United States. The site which publishes news updates but has no known reporters in the country and their website holds no address or details of editors and publisher.

International news agencies, such as Reuters, VOA, FSN, AFP and AP have freelance stringers and correspondents, facing censorship and threats just like South Sudanese journalists. Most foreign correspondents have either been denied accreditation or deported. In 2018 and 2019, there were only three foreign journalists reporting from the country.

International media organisations such as China Global Television (CGTN) and Al Jazeera English and Arabic have maintained a presence in the country despite the harsh working environment for journalists. The operations of Al Jazeera English were briefly shut down in 2017.