Audience measurement organisations

There are no audience measurement organisations in South Sudan. The ensuing war and lack of resources have made it extremely difficult to conduct nationwide household surveys measuring how the South Sudanese consume or use media. Existing surveys have been conducted on behalf of two important players, Internews and Radio Miraya.

Lack of data and research on audience insights, media reach and circulation has made it extremely difficult to analyse the South Sudan media landscape. The available surveys by Swiss-based organisation, Hirondelle Foundation (2007) and Internews (2013 and 2015) are limited to only parts of South Sudan. The surveys used a combination of qualitative and quantitative research to gather data from sections of South Sudan but limited access remained a hinderance.

Other available survey findings and data are outdated. The latest research conducted on behalf of various South Sudan government departments dates up to the first decade of the century. For instance, the South Sudan household baseline survey was conducted in 2009.