Journalists associations

The Union of Journalists of South Sudan (UJOSS) was established in 2004 and is the key association representing journalists in the engagements with the government and other organisations in the country. The association holds a database of both journalists working in media organisations and freelancers. UJOSS, which was registered and legally accredited in 2008, claims to advocate for a better working environment for journalists. The association has also represented journalists during harassment and arrests by government authorities.

Oliver Modi, the association’s chairperson said they have negotiated disputes between journalists and the government or employers. In 2015, UJOSS condemned the murder of a journalist, Peter Moi, who was killed in Juba near The Corporate Weekly newspaper’s office where he worked. UJOSS has also continued to call for justice for journalists killed or arrested without charge.

The new South Sudan Media Authority has required membership from UJOSS for South Sudanese journalists seeking accreditation to practice the profession. According to Oliver Modi, speaking during the 2018 First National Media Symposium, the capacity for the association to advocate and represent journalists has been effectively frustrated by the lack of sufficient sources of revenue to cover its operations.