Profiles of main tech parks, accelerators, hackathons

The most recent efforts of technological innovation in South Sudan have focused on providing solutions to benefit those who have no access to electricity and Internet. Many of the initiatives in the country have focused on imparting technological know-how to enable savvy citizens with computing skills to develop innovative solutions.

In 2015, Kapital Movie Industry Corporation (KIMC) held a #PeaceHackCamp which brought South Sudanese youth from across to the capital Juba to learn skills in coding techniques and the use of open source Internet resources. The initiative was run by Kapital Movie Industry Corporation was the first of its kind in South Sudan. This peer-to-peer learning initiative imparted various skills such as sustainable agriculture, designing mobile applications and provided support to youth entrepreneurship.

Low literacy among the population and lack of access to electricity and communications infrastructure have limited the exchange of knowledge around innovation and new skills to the capital city, deepening the digital divide.