Media development organisations

There are a number of developmental associations focused on developing and strengthening media in the country. The most prominent one is AMDISS, which is focused on advocacy, training and media development. Its main objectives include working towards the establishment of a viable environment for the development of media in post-conflict South Sudan and advocating for human rights guarantees in accordance with the Transitional Constitution of South Sudan and the International norms of Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Foreign missions such as the so-called TROIKA (including USA, UK and Norway) together with United Nations agencies (mainly UNESCO) have been working towards achieving the establishment of a viable environment for the development of media and in particular, independent media in post-conflict South Sudan. Organisations such as AMWISS provide capacity building and advocacy geared towards promoting women representation in media, to increase visibility of women and girl’s issues in the media and in building up the capacity for women journalists.

Internews and the BBC Media Actions are also involved in training journalists and capacity building operations. Journalists for Human Rights (JHR), funded by Global Affairs Canada (GAC), has also been strengthening media in the country by providing in-house and on-the-job media mentors training journalists on covering human rights stories and providing overall support in the news production cycle.