News agencies

The only news agencies present in Nicaragua are international ones such as United Press International, Europa Press, Reuters, Nomitex, Agencia France-Presse, Acan-Efe, Prensa Latina. At time of war or internal conflicts as well as during natural disasters, many foreign correspondents arrive to the country. Due to the socio-political conflict of 2018, a large number of international press agencies have returned to Nicaragua. Some have hired Nicaraguan journalists as correspondents. When instead it is in relative calm, many agencies withdraw or leave just a journalist to cover what happens in Central America.

The following international television channels and digital outlets have correspondents in the country regardless of the current situation: Univisión, the Spanish channel of CNN, Telemundo, Telesur, Diario El País de España, Plataforma de las Américas CONECTAS, RTN.