Digital media

Since 2016 digital media that are published on the Internet have grown in Nicaragua, accounting for at least 15 media or information portals with great following. Among the most popular there are: Confidencial (by above-mentioned Carlos Fernando Chamorro); Article 66 (opposition); Nicaragua Investiga (Opposition, it transmits from Costa Rica and is carried out by journalists exiled following the protests of April 2018); Ecological bulletin (opposition); 19 digital (official outlet of the Sandinista government); Trench of the News (information portal, opposition); News Exchange (printed and digital newsletter on subscription, with commercial and social content); Bacanalnica (opposition outlet providing information and entertainment); The Voice of Sandinismo (Sandinista Party outlet); La Jornada (independent and commercial journalism); Nicaragua Today (opposition journalism); Nicaragua a day (opposition journalism).

These outlets enjoy a middle class audience from intellectual, economic and political sectors, and their content is also shared on social networks like Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter, mainly by university students, journalists, politicians, professionals from different areas and social activists. Content by native digital media competes with the web pages of traditional news media such as newspapers, information radios and some television channels. Citizen journalism is exercised mainly from personal blogs and from Facebook pages dedicated to human rights, environment, education, health and entertainment.