Journalists associations

Just like trade unions, the journalists' associations in Nicaragua have limited impact on the working conditions of journalists. Most of these associations have very political overtones, some in favor of the Sandinista party in power (as of 2019), others against it. Due to this polarisation, many young journalists tend not to affiliate.

The Movimiento de Comunicadores Patrióticos (Movement of Patriotic Communicators), unites the communication professionals that work with government institutions and the media owned by the presidential family and the Sandinista Party.

The Red de Jóvenes Comunicadores (Network of Young Communicators) is related to the Sandinista government. Contrarily, the Red de Comunicadores Ambientales (Network of Environmental Communicators) criticises the Sandinista government.

The Periodistas y Comunicadores Independientes de Nicaragua (Independent Journalists and Communicators of Nicaragua - PCIN) was created in 2018 to defend the rights of independent journalists. It is currently active especially in representing and training its members.