Company profiles

Currently there are five mobile companies: Telemóvil from El Salvador, Telefónica Movistar, CTE Personal (CTE Telecom Personal), Digicel and Intelfon. The first four use Global System Mobile Communication (GSM) and offer different postpaid plans to attract several market segments (individuals, families, friends and corporate) as well as prepaid plans. Intelfón uses trunked mobile services focused mainly on corporate customers. Detailed data about the market share of each company are not available.

In 1992 the Swedish company Milicom invested in TIGO (Telemovil), which currently is the main mobile services provider offering Cable TV, Broadband Internet, mobile communication and mobile financial services for almost 45 percent of Salvadorans. They have 3 million mobile communication subscribers and 414,000 subscribers of cable TV, landline communication and Broadband Internet. More than one million Salvadorans use financial mobile services. At the end of 2017 there were 254,000 HFC homes connected and 311.000 4G smartphone data users.

On April, 2001, Digicel began operations and currently it has commercial presence in 32 countries around the world, 26 in the Caribbean and Central America and 6 in the Pacific. The company released the New Digicel in El Salvador in April, 2007 with investments of around US$115m, striving for 100 percent network coverage. They operate in GSM and CDMA frequencies with 900 Mhz and they implemented the 4G technology in 2014.