News agencies

El Salvador does not have a national news agency or a private agency with true relevance. The Salvadorian Press Agency (APS in Spanish) operates since 2017, although it is not official nor there is a government statement about its existence. The daily content they produce is mostly news, related with the current government and its achievements, and their sponsors are only from public agencies. Journalists interviewed about the existence of the press agency did not confirm either the government ownership over the press agency.

In the past, during the civil war that the country suffered between 1980 and 1992, United Press International (UPI), Associated Press (AP), NOTIMEX de México, among other relevant agencies, were essential to deliver news to different media outside de country. Also during the past conflict, the insurgent movement FMLN owned 3 news agencies, most notably the Salvadorian Press Agency (SALPRESS in Spanish). At present, there are private companies that are dedicated to selecting news from local media to offer them to companies. Their presence is not representative given the ease, nowadays, of accessing the online portals of the various Salvadoran media.