Audience measurement organisations

The country does not have an institutional (state owned) body to measure audiences. The most similar thing is done by a private company, Rivera Media, which is dedicated to measuring the audiences of television channels. These analysis focus their attention towards the audience rating and the struggle for getting advertisers; the transformations of the audiences and the way that traditional media should face these changes are not analysed.

Another topic that has been highlighted are the studies on electoral behavior; in this dimension the Public Opinion Institute from Central America University José Simeón Cañas stands out. The Research Center for Salvadorian Public Opinion from Technological University of El Salvador and LPG Data, run a poll from La Prensa Gráfica. The continuous electoral campaigns have had an important role for the strengthening of this specific research topic.

There are several academic papers about the behavior of audiences, that contribute to the analysis of the role and thoughts of audiences. Nevertheless, there is no academic instance that analyses the behavior of audiences in a systematic way, their change dynamic and the chance to become a central player in the media system, through training process in critical reception (Marroquín, 2007). This topic is still focused on political and marketing interests, without a public approach in the analysis of audiences.

There is no real measurement of the circulation of newspapers; they are not required to report the number of copies of their circulation. Except for the newspaper El Mundo, which does so for strictly commercial purposes as information for potential advertisers, newspapers do not report their number of copies.