Digital media

All the main newspapers, television groups and radios of have their digital version, a process that began since the first decade of the new century. This shift, coherent with the global news landscape, has not been the most significant in Salvadoran digital journalism.

During the last decade, and particularly in the second half, El Salvador has experienced a surge of the digital native media. Independent calculations estimate that since 2009 more than 200 new digital native media have emerged. Many arise in political junctures--in support of determined candidates, officials, and specific political parties--and their main characteristic is the anonymity of alleged journalists who write the news, in fact biased information.

However, El Salvador has also been the scene of the birth of independent journalistic endeavors, which have marked a trend in the Central American region. El Faro, founded in 1998, was the first digital newspaper created in Latin America, and has since marked a difference for its multi-award-winning investigative journalism.

Otherublications such as La Página, the Blog or Diario 1 have more audiences, according to measurements made by the Alexa statistical site and reports of preference of the Salvadoran universities Tecnológica and José Matías Delgado. It is important to emphasise that the digital versions of the two main newspapers of the country, La Prensa Gráfica and El Diario de Hoy are much more popular than any of the digital native media.

Other relevant digital media companies by their number of reader and their topics are: El Salvador Times, FACTum, Diario1, Contrapunto, VOCES Diario digital, El Metropolitano Digital and Verdad Digital.