Opinion makers

The evolution of social networks has diminished the importance of blogs as opinion generators in El Salvador. In the past, it was easy to identify influencers and opinion makers through their blogs, as in the case of former diplomat Ernesto Rivas Gallont. Currently, several personalities that strive to become opinion leaders can be identified. They are supported not only by their blogs, but have also access to print and television media, as in the case of the op-ed writer from El Diario de Hoy, Paolo Luers, a Salvadorian journalist of German origin; the political pundit Alberto Arene, anchor of the broadcasted show FOCOS; Dagoberto Gutierrez, political pundit, social leader and former guerrilla combatant from FMLN who publishes his weekly columns in media such as VOCES Diario Digital; and the jesuit priest José María Tojeira, who broadcasts his points of view about national current events in Radio YSUCA, radio station from Central America University and Diario CoLatino. Also, some opinion leaders stand out on television shows such as the Q & A format from journalist Ernesto López and the tv program “Thinking Out Loud”, directed by Alfredo Mena Lagos.